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I know there’s a ton of apps out there, but not like this one.
Hint: the unique element … real time interaction with real sports.
You be the coach.. call the plays… in real time on the game you are watching on TV … if you get the play right you win (that’s just one piece)…. And the advertising element… oh my… there’s so much…. Millions invested
Get the info… send me name email phone, and “I want in” … early bird gets the worm.
There is nothing else like this out there it’s global in every single country day 1 of launch.. we can pre-build. Just get the info.
There’s a hefty residual income too.
I’ll say this … I have not seen this level of excitement about anything in this industry in a long time.
I’ll go on with more… once you give me your green light 🙂 Don’t miss this one.